Diet to Not Clear Acne

Fatty FoodYou know what foods you should eat if you want to clear acne, but do you know what foods to avoid? If you’re not aware of what foods to not eat you could end up with more acne than ever before. A diet not to clear acne is one that most people follow, which is why changing what you eat is so important. Once you substitute unhealthy foods for those that are great for your skin, you will see a huge difference with the way you look!


Soda is packed full of chemicals, sugar and artificial sweeteners. All of these things are bad for your body, but they are even worse for your skin. By getting rid of these completely and drinking water instead, you will see your skin bounce back to better health quickly. Water detoxes your skin whereas soda will just add in more toxins, which will ultimately cause more acne.

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By cutting out sugar completely or just eliminating the majority of it, you should find that you have far less pimples and acne. Sugar causes acne because it causes the insulin your blood sugar to spike. Once this happens the skin isn’t able to repair itself as quickly. The pores will also start to clog up with added oils and bacteria, which is something you want to avoid.

Fried Foods

Those corn dogs, deep fried treats and other greasy fried foods might be good, but they are extremely bad for your skin. The extra oil will seep through your pores and cause them to clog up. Once this happens you may get a few pimples or you may see a lot of acne break out on the surface of your skin.

Fatty Foods and Processed Foods

Foods that are high in saturated fats are extremely likely to clog your pores and cause acne. Bad Diets for AcneAvoid things like cake, donuts, bread, flour, and anything else that is high in saturated fat. It’s a good idea to read through different ingredients on packages of foods. You should also read through the nutrition information to see how much sugar and carbs are in different foods.


If you enjoy drinking milk on a daily basis, you might want to stop doing so. There is a link between acne and milk that most people aren’t aware of. Milk has the IGF-1 hormone inside of it that is great for baby cows, but not humans. This causes insulin spikes much like sugars and carbohydrates do. Once this happens your skin will produce excess oil and it will become inflamed. More information about this can be found on the Nutrition Facts website.

How to Stay on Track

If you are craving something sweet, then grab for something healthy instead of something that is going to cause acne. For example, strawberries or fruits topped with honey will make great substitutes for pieces of cake or pie. Drinking water throughout the day will also help clean out your pores so you are less likely to develop acne in the future. A diet not to clear acne is definitely one you want to avoid at all costs, so make healthy choices!

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