Moderate Types of Acne

Moderate AcneIf you have moderate types of acne, then you probably can see pimples on your skin. A lot more blackheads are present with individuals who have this type of acne. In addition to this, you may have a lot of whiteheads on your skin as well. Unlike mild acne, moderate acne is a lot more noticeable on the skin. You may also have inflammation where the papules and pustules are.

What are Papules?

Otherwise known as a pimple, acne papules are little inflamed bumps that lie on the surface of your skin. These are raised up from the skin’s surface and are generally red in appearance. These do not have pus inside of them because they are formed due to a break in the higher part of the follicle all.

What is a Pustule?

Also known as a pimple, pustules are small red bumps that rise from the surface of the skin. Unlike papules, these do have pus inside them along with oil and cell debris. This will result in the top of the pustule looking white in appearance.

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These happen when a break happens high in the follicle wall and white blood cells come to help repair. These form the pus, which gets trapped in the top of the skin.

Treatment Options

Although the moderate forms of acne aren’t as bad as those that are severe, they can still be bothersome. The good news for sufferers is that there are many treatment options available. Generally over the counter remedies can be effective, along with a good skin care and healthy eating regimen.

If starting a skin care regimen it’s very important to use the right skin care products (i.e. sensitive, combination, dry or oily skin). Visiting a dermatologist is also recommended if you can’t seem to find a product that helps your skin. For full details of the paper, please visit the US National Library of Medicine.

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