Mild Types of Acne

Mild Types of AcneIf you suspect that you have mild acne but aren’t sure, there are some signs you can look out for that will tell you whether you do or not. Mild types of acne are the most common with adults, but kids just going into their teenage years also experience it. It’s a lot less noticeable than severe acne and is generally not painful either.

Here are three different things you should look for to spot mild acne.

  • Blackheads

Blackheads are clogged pores that reside underneath the surface of your skin. These aren’t actually black, though, when they are under your skin. These only turn black at the top when the sebum and keratin in them is exposed to the outside air. You will normally find these on your nose, but they can be on other areas of your skin as well.

  • Whiteheads

Mild AcneJust like blackheads, whiteheads are clogged pores that reside underneath the surface of your skin. These are the color of your skin because the keratin and sebum are not exposed to the air. These look like small bumps on the surface of the skin, but they are normally difficult to notice if you’re not looking close up.

  • Sebaceous Filaments

If you look close up at your nose, do you notice little small black holes? You might automatically think these are blackheads, but they probably aren’t. While you probably do have blackheads, what you are most likely looking at is your sebaceous filaments.

These are simply the oil glands that are naturally found in your skin. How can you tell the difference between these and blackheads? Well, if you run your finger along your nose, is it bumpy or smooth? If it’s smooth then you’re feeling sebaceous filaments, but if it’s bumpy you’re feeling blackheads.

  • Treatment for Mild Acne

Most over the counter pimple creams will help get rid of this type of acne. In addition to this, eating a healthy diet and adopting a healthy skin care regimen is also recommended. You can learn more information about controlling acne on our Solutions Section.

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