How to Clear Acne Scars

Clearing Acne Scarssevere acne that builds up deep down in their skin, a lot of damage will occur to the cell walls of the skin. The swelling, rupturing and lesions will all cause a lot of skin problems that won’t actually heal because of the damage that they do. Unfortunately, if you have serious acne, then you are likely to have this skin damage happen. Acne scars are not extremely noticeable, but they can give the skin a bumpy appearance that is bothersome to the person who has it.

Although the skin does repair itself after the tissue breaks, it often doesn’t turn out looking as smooth as it was before. On top of that, if additional acne occurs, it’s likely to make the acne scars even worse than they were. The level of scarring a person ends up with will depend on a wide variety of factors, including their severity of acne and how they got rid of it. The process of an acne scar developing starts with a cyst, papule or pustule in the skin. This will result in the follicle being inflamed and trapped with bacteria. Once the follicle wall breaks, the surface of the skin will rupture. When the bacteria hits the dermis is when the healthy skin tissue is actually destroyed.

How to Clear Acne Scars

There are a lot of options you have when it comes to clearing up scars from acne. Keep in mind that nothing is guaranteed and that each person will find something different that is effective for them.

  • Mild – If you have mild acne scars, then they will be easier to get rid of than those that are deep down in the skin. The first thing you should do is wear sunscreen at all times, as the UV rays from the sun can cause more damage to your scars. You should also look for skin care products that are designed to treat scars. For example, Tretinoin helps replenish the skin and speeds up the healing process. You might also want to look into products with alpha-hydroxy acids and beta-hydroxy acids in them. These boost the skin’s ability to remodel itself.
  • Severe – If you have more severe scarring, like icepick scars, you will have to have skin treatments done to your skin. Dermabrasion or laser resurfacing are the most effective techniques that dermatologists can provide. If you have boxcar scars then you will want to look into resurfacing treatment options as well. Rolling acne scars need to be treated by separating subcutaneous fibrous bands, as resurfacing treatments do not work on them.

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Healing Time and Cost for Treatments

Most over-the-counter products are affordable, but high-end brands can go up to hundreds of dollars. Prescription creams will vary in price based on their brand name and insurance. Without insurance prescription medications can be pretty expensive, which is why insurance is often necessary. These can take months to work, but some people see results after a few weeks.

Dermabrasion can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands, depending on the severity and damage you are dealing with. Most people have their skin healed within a week, but it will still be red and tender until it’s healed completely. Many treatments may be needed before acne scars are completely gone.

Laser treatments are becoming some of the most popular ways to clear acne scars. Treatments cost around $700 per session and some individuals may require many sessions. Healing takes around 15 days, but this varies per person.

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For in depth information about the surgery procedures that are available for people wishing to go ahead with Dermabrasion and Microdermabrasion please visit the Cleveland Clinic on the subject.

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