Best Diet to Clear Acne

Diet To Clear AcneAcne can start to develop on your skin for a wide variety of reasons, including genetics. But, did you know that one of the most common reasons is your diet? When you eat unhealthy foods your skin is greatly affected, not just your body. Most unhealthy foods will inflame your skin and cause more grease to develop, especially when it’s coming out through your pores.

As the body produces more oil your pores are going to clog and you are going to have a lot more acne than before. Unfortunately most people don’t realize what they foods are doing and they continue eating them because they think they are fine.

Diet to Clear Acne

If you want to clean up your diet for your health and for your skin, then there are a lot of great foods you can enjoy. Start out by cutting out all fast food and junk food from your diet. Yes, this means avoiding drive-thru windows on your way home and not ordering Chinese when you don’t feel like cooking. Those foods are filled with sodium and fat that are all big acne causers.

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What you CAN eat is plentiful, so don’t think you will be deprived. You should start out by stocking your kitchen full of fresh fruits and vegetables. If possible, you might want to get a juicer so you can enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables in their purest forms. Other foods you can eat include: lean meats, poultry, fish, whole grains, sweet potatoes and rice. A good rule of thumb is to eat foods that are natural instead of those that are processed.

Also try to avoid sugars, especially those that are in sodas. Drinking a lot of water is highly recommended and can help clear out your pores so your skin is able to detoxify itself. You may also want to start drinking unsweetened teas, like green tea or any other flavor that you like. These are full of antioxidants and are very hydrating for the skin.

Example of Daily Menu

Breakfast Grapefruit, Tea, Eggs, Whole Wheat Bread
Snack Almonds, apple with peanut butter, home made sweet potato chips
Lunch Whole Wheat tortilla with lunch meats and vegetables
Dinner Baked chicken, steamed fish, steamed vegetables, home made mashed sweet potatoes, cauliflower mashed potatoes (these are good, just try them!).
Dessert Strawberries, smoothie with protein powder and frozen fruits, peanut butter and bananas on whole grain wheat bread.


Diet to Clear Acne

See a Change

If you just swap out unhealthy foods for those that are good for you, a big change in your skin can be seen. When bacteria isn’t able to grow and doesn’t have anything to feed off of, acne isn’t going to be a problem. In addition to this, you will find that you no longer have an oily face, which may have been a problem in the past. By eating the right way you will be healthier and you may even lose a few pounds as an added bonus!

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  1. Jen says:

    Very informative post. Diet is everything in skin care. Diet effects your hormones and triggers acne breakouts. It is the root cause of acne.

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