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Clear AcneWelcome to the Clear Acne Clinic website, where you will be able to find out about the different types of acne and learn about the different treatments that are available.

Acne can develop at any time in most people’s lives when they enter adulthood; from the initial onset of puberty, though out the teenage years, as an adult during your twenties and perhaps a stressful event can trigger an outbreak of acne. To clear acne is the first and foremost important thought on any persons mind if they suffer from symptoms of the various types of acne and in most cases you want it cleared as soon as possible.

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Acne Types

To clear any acne that you might have or even a friend of yours might have, you will initially need to establish what sort of acne is present before looking to seek the most effective solution for that acne type.  There are four main acne types that you may fall into, to find out which one please click on the link for each:

For more in depth information, please visit our Types of Acne and How They are Graded Page.

To clear all types of acne

Once you have established the type of acne that you or your friend might have, the next step would be to look at the different methods in clearing that type of acne.

  • Mild Acne – The main solution to clear acne here would be to examine the general skin care regime and diet that the sufferer has and look to correct it to more healthy options.
  • Moderate Acne – Although, skin care and diet regime might work to clear the acne for this type, you might need to look into different products that are on the market that can prevent acne
  • Severe and Serious Acne – When you suffer from this sort of acne, you will need to medication from a doctor or take specific antibiotics for your acne type. It is recommended to seek medical help of other methods for clearing acne have proved ineffective.

For more information about the methods of clearing different types of acne please visit our page on How to clear acne.

Antibiotics for Acne and Clearing acne Scaring

It may be necessary to use a type of antibiotic to alleviate or reduce the abundance of acne on your face or other parts of your body. Antibiotics can take the form of either oral or topical, your doctor will provide you with the most effective for your skin type and condition it is best to consult with them before embarking on a course of antibiotics.

You may find that you already have used antibiotics and found them to have completely cleared your acne, but you are now left with scars that you do not like the look of and want removed.  To clear acne scars that were from severe acne you will need to see a dermatologist who may want to conduct either of the two methods to reduce the scaring:

  • Dermabrasion or
  • Laser resurfacing

You will find that these methods will cost more than any over-the-counter options that will be available to you.

To find out more about clearing acne scars, please visit our page on the subject.

What Next?

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